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:: Product Specification

Wall Texture

is a water-based acrylic interior and exterior wall product. It has been formulated for durability and low maintenance.


Easy to clean

This strong, hard, durable, non-fading coating can withstand strong soaps and scrub brush for easy cleaning



Mix with a clean rust-free electric drill and paddle. A small amount of clean water may be added to aid workability. Clean all your tools with water immediately

Product Features

Water Based, safe, non-toxic. Can be thinned down with water and cleans up with water.


Hard and Durable

This hard and durable coating will out last most other coatings with less maintance


Health Precautions

Product is water-based. As with any chemical construction products, exercise care when handling.

Resistance to dampness

Its strong durable finish is resistance to dampness thus making an ideal coating for areas with high humidity including indoor pools, bathrooms, building interior and exterior

Ready to use

No tinting or color addition is needed. All colors are ceramically coated at the plant.


Safety Precautions

Use adequate ventilation. Safety goggles and protective gloves are recommended. Remove contaminated clothing immediately.

High Bonding

Excellent acrylic adhesion, flexibility and weather ability.



Technical data


120 square feet - Coverage may vary depending on application technique and surface conditions.


First Aid

SKIN CONTACT: Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

EYE CONTACT: Flush immediately with water for 10-15 minutes and contact a physician.

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Remove affected person to fresh air immediately and contact a physician.

HYGIENE: Wash hands immediately after use. Wash clothing before re-use.

Vapor Permeable

Allows substrate to breathe naturally. This makes wall texture resistant to mold and fungus.



5 gal pail (19 L)



Multitude of colors with distinctive dimensional texture will make your Property look elegant and rich.


Shelf Life

12 months if properly stored and sealed.


Color Retention

Wall texture has ceramic-coated quart, which will not fade over time. Baked color has penetrated deep into core. You can count on Wall texture colors.



Protect from extreme heat, freezing, and direct sunlight.



Collect with suitable absorbent material such as cotton rags.

Easy to apply

. Wall texture is a simple application. Simple tools like trowel and hawk can apply it.


V.O.C .

Less than <1>



Dispose in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Application – Surface

Can be applied directly on concrete, wood, sheet rock, wood paneling or hard plastics.


Weight per gallon

9.00/9.25 Ibs per gallon



KEEP CONTAINER CLOSED WHEN NOT IN USE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NOT FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION. Consult the material Safety Data Sheet for further health and safety information.

Economical- Cost effective

No need to prime the walls if the base color on which you are applying is even


Surface Preparation

Concrete and Masonry _ surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from frost, damage and all bond-inhibiting materials. Including dirt, efflorescence, form oil, and other foreign matter. Loose or damaged materials must be removed by water blasting, sandblasting, or mechanical wire brushing and repaired.


Limited Warranty

This product is subject to a written limited warranty and can be obtained free of charge from:

Supreme Coatings Inc
3434 Browns Mill Road
Atlanta , GA 3035

Tel (404) 305-8555
Fax (404) 305-0105


Architectural Flexibility

Unlimited design and texture can be created in accordance with stencil and other hand tools.

Scratch Resistant

Wall texture is a perfect coating in high traffic areas, where strong, durable, scratch resistant coating is needed to with- stand abuse, wear and tear.



Apply only to sound, clean, dry and properly prepared frost-free surfaces
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