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  What is the bonding strength of the product?

Walltexture has a very high bonding strength with ASTMD 4541-95; it took 963 psi to pull this product from the sheet-rock. Moreover this failure came from the sheet-rock paper tearing.

  Has it been tested in house or by an independent lab?

An independent lab did all product testing.

  Why are colors non-fading?

The colors are baked on aggregate, and penetrate deep into the core, which makes it non-fading unlike the tinted colors used by other manufacturers.

  What are the color choices available?

There are a 60 standard colors and the ability to make countless others.

  How hard is it to keep clean?

Most dirt and minor marks can be washed away with soapy water. Tougher stains may require a degreaser. The product is strong enough to withstand a scrub brush without destroying the color or the product.

  Can it be patched (holes)?

A section can be cut out and patched, just like sheet-rock. Click here to see details.

  How is it applied?

It is applied just like stucco with Trowel & Hawk. You can also apply with sheet rock trowel just like pudding knife.

  Do I need special equipment to install the product?

No, you only need Trowel and Hawk.

  Do I have to have experience to (install) this product?

No, this product is so easy to install, you do not need experience in construction or paint to learn it.

  How thick is it applied?

It is applied by two skim coats approximately 1/16th inch thick.

  How do I get a smooth wall finish?

As this is a water-based product, you have enough time to smooth it out with a trowel. If needed you can even spray water on the walls while the product is tacky.

  Can I paint over it?

Yes, this surface can be painted over with latex or acrylic paint. You will have a textured wall with the color of your choice.

  Can it be applied on wood surface?

It can be applied on variety of surfaces. It can be applied on sheet-rock, wood, paneling, concrete walls or concrete block walls.

  Is it mildew and mar resistant?

Its vapor permeable surface, allows the wall to breath, thus making it resistant to the growth of fungus or mildew.

  Can it be applied as an indoor coating for the indoor pools?

Because of it's water resistant quality it has been used successfully for indoor pools. The coating is strong and durable enough to withstand the moisture from the indoor pools.

  How does it perform in the bathroom compared to paint and wallpaper?

The high bonding strength and the nature of the product mean it will not peel from the corners or joints like wallpaper will due to moisture. The moisture vapor will also not affect the color.

  How can I become a dealer?

The knowledge of the product and the application process is all that is necessary to become a dealer.

  Will you supply me with marketing material?

Yes, we will supply you with all the marketing material you need at our cost.

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